Ceiling Speaker
Fire Link LLC offers wide range of public addressable system (PA System) like ceiling speaker, indoor floor speaker, microphone, outdoor Speaker.
Ceiling Speaker
Ceiling Speaker with max power 5w to 9w,92db sensitivity.
Indoor Floor Speaker
Speakers max power 6w to 90w
Indoor Floor Speaker
Indoor Floor Speaker with max power 15w,sensitivity 89 bd
Ceiling Speaker
Ceiling Speaker with max power 9W,sensitivity 91dB
Outdoor Speaker
Outdoor Speaker max power 20w,sensitivity 103dB
Indoor Speaker
Indoor speaker max power 25w,sensitivity 95dB
Power Amplifier
Heavy duty address power amplifiers deliver clean audio power from 350 to 1500 watts RMS with less than 0.5% distortion.

It include built in amplifier and speakers .A flexible gooseneck microphone and light are provided as well.
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