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Cut your security team by half.

Our secure access control system, at all entry/exit points, can easily reduce your security team by half. The system includes advanced applications like facility code, RFID, motion sensor and so much more.

01.Advanced Tech

Features the latest hardware and software technology in all access systems.

02.High-level security

Ensures top-level security on all entry and exit points in and out of the building.


Intelligent systems that are completely automated and recorded for assessment.

04.Stylish Application

Sleek and modern looks for contemporary offices, retail shops, labs, etc.


Magnetic Lock with Sensor

Suitable for all door types, the magnetic lock prevents unauthorised entry into the building/room. Needs identification for entry alone, exiting is taken care by the motion sensor.

Electric Door Sensor Dropbolt

As the door closes, the drop bolt from above locks automatically. It is used as an additional or secondary locking device. Suitable for glass, wooden or aluminium doors.

Magnetic Lock with Two Doors

Similar to the magnetic lock, this product is suitable when there are two doors in one entry/exit point. It can be used on glass, wooden, fireproof, sliding doors and so on.

Mullion Reader

It is a compact, stylish & perfect card reader for the modern office building. This door controller activates the lock output when the reader senses a valid token or card.

External Push Button

A NO/COM button to unlock electrically locked doors from inside. This is a cost-effective solution that comes handy when there is no motion sensor installed for exit.

Proximity Reader

Proximity card access control is the most common access security system installed today. It is a contactless integrated circuit device used for security systems.

Finger Print

It is the most common biometric technology for physical access control. The information is collected from remote computing devices for identification.


The Standalone access control systems are cost-effective and very easy to install. This has (LDR) pick-proof alarm function and can read range up to 5-10 cms.

Proximity Keypad Reader

It allows access via either a proximity card or code, for high-level security both of them can be mandatory. This reader uses the facility code system to grant restricted access.

Standalone RFID Access Control

These systems are extremely cost-effective for controlling access to specific zones within your building. The (LDR) pick proof alarm function can read ranges up to 5-10 cms.

Standalone RFID Pincode Access Control

It is a cost-effective solution for controlling access to specific zones in your building. Its LDR pick proof alarm function can read ranges up to 5-10cms.

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