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Keep an eye on every corner.

Have a large home, office or a shop? Worrying about intruders or shoplifters? We have a watchful solution just for that. Installing our CCTV cameras in your space, you can spot the invaders with high-definition images even on low light conditions.

01.High Resolution

Delivers high-quality images, this way it is easy to identify people on camera.

02.Distance Coverage

Provides images of activities & people from a relatively long distance of placement.


The sturdy build quality makes our cameras durable and long-lasting.

04.Goes Everywhere

Easy to install almost everywhere, even in a difficult terrain or corner.


Camera Wall Mounted

Camera Ceiling

Dome Camera

Dome Camera

Dome Camera

Dome Camera Wall Mounted

Dome Camera Wall Mounted

Night Vision Camera

Camera Encloser

D. V. R

D. V. R

22″ Monitor

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