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Fingerprint is the key to security

The unique patterns of the fingerprint have become a key factor in today’s security measures. It is the most preferred and common form of a person’s identification, as it is much more authentic than an access number or key card.


Can store, differentiate and instantly recognise all your employees' fingerprints.


Tracks the entry and exit time and records attendance on a daily basis.


The security system is highly authentic since a key card or access number can be stolen.


Built for precision and durability, the scanner can withstand tough conditions.


Time & Attendance

Suitable for companies of varied sizes to record the working hours of all employees. It keeps track of the entry/exit timings and absentees name along with the date to calculate wages.

Fingerprint Standard Accessories

Contains all the necessary spare parts and accessories to assemble or repair a standard fingerprint reader. All items in this kit are of high-quality standards.

Waterproof Finger Reader

Designed for outdoor application, this fingerprint reader has no problem working in rain, detecting fingerprints of all employees with high speed and accuracy.

Waterproof Finger Reader Standard

An outdoor fingerprint reader that comes with dual access option. It can read fingerprints in the rain and allow dialling of room access code as well, featuring high-level security.

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