Emergency and Exit Light System

Home Emergency and Exit Light System

Power gone? Lights on.

You must have proper lighting systems in all corners of the building, ready to tackle emergencies. The centrally backed up lights come to the rescue when electricity is out, helping you at the time of great need.

01.One Point Repair

Eliminates the need for changing batteries for every light with a central backup system.

02.BMS Integration

Regular monitoring of light health can be done via Building Management System.


Fewer components involved in the light reduces the cost of the product.

04.Sleek Design

Comes with a sleek and stylish look, complementing the overall aesthetics.


Self Contained Exit Light Down Arrow

Self Contained Exit Light Side Arrow

Self Contained Emergency Light

Monitoring Exit Light Side Arrow

Monitoring Exit Light-Down Arrow

Monitoring Emergency Light

Monitoring Emergency Light Panel

CBS Emergency Light

CBS Panel

CBS Exit Light

Industrial Type Emergency light 1

Industrial Type Emergency light 2

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