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Be on the safer side.

A new generation intercom solution that grants more control to you as a house or building owner. You get to decide who can enter the door, filtering unwanted people without walking to the entrance, keeping your loved ones on the safer side.


Answer the door from your room, without having to walk all the way.


Keep unwanted people away from home, office or building without hassle.


The indoor intercom also allows two-way communication for instant feedback.

04.Easy Setup

Quick, easy and effortless installation process for any place.


Audio Receiver Outdoor

Allows you to talk to visitors before opening the door. We offer a full range of possible configurations with reduced installation objects using the modular panel.

Audio Receiver Indoor

Ideally suited for large office spaces, enabling easy communication without wasting time, effort & energy. It uses the modular panel to provide a full range of configurations.

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