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Lead an effortless, happy life.

Created with superior technology, these entry systems make your life easy, effortless and above all – safe. Don’t get out of the car anymore, we’ll open the gate for you every time you decide to go out or come back in.

01.Weather Proof

These are outdoor applications made to withstand all types of weather.

02.Low Maintenance

Built with superior technology that requires very low maintenance.


It is completely trouble-free in terms of safety and performance as well.

04.Quick Installation

Lightweight applications that are easy to install in almost all types of entry points.


Parking Barrier/Road Barrier

Used for parking or road control, these are the most functional and attractive solution for controlling vehicle transmit and in places with high volume traffic.

Kit For Swing Gate

Designed for the security of private premises, the Swing Gate Kit comes with everything you need to secure the entrance of your home, factory, warehouse, office etc.

Double Hinged Gates

These gates offer a wider driveway opening than single gates. The enhanced technology & upgraded durability enables smooth operation of the entry/ exit gate.

Single Shutter Sliding Gate Motor

The motor is suitable for all sliding gates, it comes in a compact size with a sleek design that is almost noticeable. It is designed for heavy-duty operations as well.

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