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Sensing threats from all around

Leave all the concerns relating security to us, when you are not around. Our sensors come with a wide range of application right from sensing threats, ringing the alarm to notifying owners & authorities for immediate action.

01.Instant Detection

Identifies breach or movement in the surrounding without any delay.

02.Wide depth & range

Modern sensors that cover a wider area for optimal threat detection.


Sends an immediate notification to the owners as well as the authorities.

04.Upgraded Tech

Enhanced performance with sleek and complementing design.


PIR Detector

Detects motion automatically when intruders pass through it and sends an alarm signal to the host. It can detect coverage of 12m in a degree arc or 3 layers.

C.C.TV Camera

The panel receive information from the enviornmental sensors designed to detect changes associated with fire/fault.This device is designed for zone type.

Break Glass Detector

A glass break detector is a sensor used in electronic burglar alarms that detects if the plane of the glass is either shattered or broken when the system is active.

PIR Ceiling Mount Detector

It is a fully automatic indoor and outdoor security/courtesy light controller capable of controlling up to 1000w incandescent or 30w x 10 fluorescent lighting.

Dome Series Network Camera

These security cameras are designed to withstand all elements, from both inside and outside. They are of high definition, high-speed and upgraded technology.

Wireless Alarm System

This is a next-generation security equipment offering comprehensive protection composed of various sensors, detectors, with a built-in control panel and alarm.

Speech Dialers

The device will automatically contact specific people, via phone call or text message, when the system is activated. It also notifies incidents other than breach, such as fire.

Gardtec Speech Dialers

This is intended to be used as an automatic message dialer. However, the unit is quite flexible to offer many other programmable options to the user/host.

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